In this era of rapid development, it is essential for companies engaged in engineering activities to learn about new, innovative technologies, see the opportunities and identify the interfaces between these novelties and their everyday work. This approach allows the employees of Knot LLC to immerse in learning about innovative products new to the market. Innovation is important for al, but many don’t know the lengthy and hard work leading to the development of a new product. Our colleagues have gained experience in several start-ups through technical inspections and developing feasibility studies and they were also involved in the development of products as consultants and actively participated in the promotion of products on international markets. We are looking for challenges and innovations and we are working towards achieving success in as many interrelated areas as possible, extending through this both our personal and business relationships in Hungary and abroad.

Supporting start-ups

Today many newly formed businesses are called start-ups though being a real start-up is a tough work. They have to find their ways in a new market with a product that may have not existed before, or no one thought of or that uses a niche. The path of innovations varies: some make it, others disappear. It doesn’t only depend on the external environment. Much depend on the team, its approach, each individual expert, the tech guys, salespersons, managers, founders and investors as well.

Our company offers advice and mentoring to newly established businesses while we are clearly aware that on certain areas some mentoring could come in useful to us too. We know that we can’t be experts in everything, we have blind spots, especially in our own business model but we also have extensive knowledge in technical development, international projects, market access, company development and negotiating with investors that we can use to help and bring off a successful new and innovative product and an enthusiastic team with joint efforts. Our advisors are innovators and mentors who know exactly the life of a start-up, the diverse fields that require expertise and also the hardships brought by the lack of resources and the difficulties of reconsidering the strategy.

Managing Hungarian and international development projects

More and more companies are launching research and development projects with experts, researchers and developers in place at the beginning but harmonising research and development tasks, keeping deadlines, as well as internal and external communications are not in focus. This is explained by the fact that there is no such person – or there is but very overloaded – who could follow up with a major project while paying attention to all the above details. Those who have already been involved in R&D&I projects are fully aware that developing specifications and documentation is just a step among many others since traceability, testing, test feedbacks, supervising corrections, customer pilots and beta tests impose so many tasks that can only be efficiently managed by an experienced project manager.

A research and development team has many supporting means available to them that allow real time communication between the actors and ever new methodologies, methods and principles emerge. The majority of developers does not follow up with these new methods but a project manager who understands them, works on several projects and, through this, gains extensive experience, can select the best and most efficient means that are suitable to be used by the team.

Our team has already participated in numerous international projects where project members included Hungarian and foreign scholars, institutions, SMEs and corporations. The extensive experience we gained there could be a significant element of success in cooperating with us.

Assisting access to international markets

We can provide innovative companies with direct assistance and we have the right competences to support start-ups in accessing international markets.

Developing studies, feasibility studies, due diligence

We can provide direct support to innovative companies but, in the meantime, we also have the right competences to help investors as we understand the needs of both sides and can find the common ground. We cooperate in promoting each project but our team of experts is also ready to develop feasibility studies, due diligence procedures or to elaborate case studies.


CCounter software supports laboratory works to count algae and other objects in water. It not only helps documentation but contributes to analysis and calculation and enables collaboration among staff members

WP4 F is a generator, built in water pipes. It uses gravitional energy of the network to generate electricity.

Fermtech system accelerates fermentation process of beer, making brewing more efficient, reducing technology time and contributing to quality beer making.

Sensor systems, developed to perform special functions. AI supported evaluation process.




Sensor systems